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B2B E-commerce Website Package & Pricing

Looking to streamline your B2B E-commerce experience in Singapore? Our expert team offers tailored catalogue website design services to help you handle bulk orders and tier pricing for B2B customers. From start to finish, we’ll work with you to create an optimized and user-friendly platform that makes selling to other businesses a breeze.

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B2B E-Commerce Website Package & Pricing​ Singapore

B2B E-Commerce ​Design Requirements

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) E-commerce refers to the online transactions between businesses and individual consumers. In this type of E-commerce, businesses sell their products or services directly to end consumers. 

B2B (Business-to-Business) E-commerce, on the other hand, involves online transactions between businesses. In B2B E-commerce , businesses sell their products or services to other businesses, rather than to individual consumers. B2B E-commerce is typically characterized by large transactions, longer sales cycles, and more complex pricing structures. The focus in B2B E-commerce is on creating a website that is optimized for efficiency, with features such as automated inventory management, tier pricing, and integration with back-end systems like ERPs, WMS and CRMs.

What are the differences between a B2B E-commerce catalog and a B2C catalog?

B2B E-commerce catalogs are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses, which often involve more complex purchasing processes and higher volumes of products. These catalogs tend to offer a wider range of products, with variations in size, color, and material, as well as tiered pricing and volume discounts to incentivize larger purchases. B2B catalogs also typically have customized payment and fulfillment options, such as invoicing and bulk shipping. In contrast, B2C catalogs prioritize simplicity and convenience for individual consumers, with a focus on popular products and standard payment and fulfillment processes.

B2B E-commerce Catalogue Web Design Package
B2B E-Commerce Website Package & Pricing​

Hire B2B E-commerce Web Designer in Singapore

Looking for an affordable and high-quality B2B E-commerce online store design service in Singapore? Look no further than us! We understand that small and medium businesses in the B2B space have unique needs and budgets, and that’s why we offer affordable B2B E-commerce online store design packages tailored specifically for them. Our team of expert B2B E-commerce designers and developers have years of experience creating stunning online stores that not only look great but also function seamlessly. We are committed to helping our B2B clients achieve their online goals while staying within their budget. 

Affordable B2B E-commerce Website Design Packages

It would be difficult to come across a more cost-effective B2B E-commerce online store design package than ours anywhere in Singapore. In addition to B2B online store design and hosting, our packages include reasonably priced SEO services aimed at boosting your online store’s visibility on search engines. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable B2B E-commerce online store design packages and how we can help you grow your B2B business online.

B2B E-commerce Store Design Singapore

We Are Experienced With WooCommerce

Craft your B2B E-commerce online store with our expert WooCommerce design services. We’ll enhance your store with modern themes and plugins to create a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Our competitive pricing and commitment to quality ensure you get the best value for your investment. Don’t let your online store fall behind the competition – choose our B2B WooCommerce online store design services to take your online presence to the next level. Contact us today to get started!

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B2B E-commerce Product Catalog Designs

B2B E-commerce Catalog Features

B2B E-commerce websites are tailored to businesses that purchase products or services for their operations, offering special features like bulk ordering, tiered pricing, and customized payment and fulfillment processes. These features can help businesses boost their efficiency, lower costs, and gain a competitive edge. Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique features that make B2B E-commerce website design stand out.

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Target Audience

B2B catalogs are designed for businesses that purchase products or services for their operations, while B2C catalogs target individual consumers.

Singapore custom web design website audit

Product Range

B2B catalogs often feature a wider range of products, with variations in size, color, material, and other specifications to accommodate the different needs of businesses. B2C catalogs, on the other hand, may focus more on specific products that are popular with consumers.

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Pricing and Discounts

B2B catalogs often have tiered pricing structures and volume discounts to incentivize businesses to purchase larger quantities. B2C catalogs may offer occasional sales or discounts, but they are generally not as extensive or frequent as those in B2B catalogs.

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Payment and Fulfillment

B2B catalogs may require more complex payment and fulfillment processes, such as invoicing and customized shipping options, to accommodate the needs of businesses. B2C catalogs generally have simpler payment and fulfillment processes, with options such as credit card payment and standard shipping.

Complete B2B E-commerce Module and Functions

WooCommerce & Integrated Marketing Tools

As experienced B2B E-commerce online store designers, we understand the requirements for a successful online store. Therefore, we combine features and functions that you can expect to have in your online store, including:

E-commerce Functions

Management & Report

Marketing Elements

Singapore B2B E-commerce Store Design Plan

What is included in our B2B E-commerce store design service?

Based in Singapore, we offer a comprehensive WooCommerce E-commerce online store design package that aligns with your brand values and enhances your online presence. Our team of experts works closely with you to create a customized online store and provides ongoing support for at least one year, including free minimum man-hours for updates and maintenance. Contact us today to elevate your online presence with our WooCommerce online store design package.

Singapore maintenance fix graphic update-fix-graphic-update

Design & Creative

Layout Design
New Web Pages
Insert Article/Blog
Slider/ Banner Design
Image Gallery

maintenance fix update site content Singapore

Catalog and Cart

Catalog Design
Store Search Function
Inventory Management
Shopping Cart Design
Payment Integration

singapore maintenance fix seo

On-page SEO

Insert/Update Meta Tags
Image ALT / Optimise
Alter HTML/CSS/Tags
Update Sitemap
Google Crawl /Indexing​

singapore fix wordpress Proactive Monitoring​

Site Optimise

Improve Site Load Time
Image Optimize
Script Optimization
Site Caching
Mobile Responsive

Singapore maintenance fix marketing digital

Marketing Coordination

Install Tracking Script
Conversion Tracking
Web Forms + Integrations
Insert/Edit CTA
Internal/External Links

maintenance fix site issue

On-going Support

Fix Broken Image/Links
Broken images
Page load errors
Enquiry Form Errors
Other Errors If Any

All Inclusive B2B E-commerce Website Design Packages

Features in B2B E-commerce Website packages

If you’re in Singapore and require expert help with B2B WooCommerce website design, look no further than our B2B E-commerce Web Design plans. Our plans provide fast and effective B2B web design services with the latest features of website design, including custom design, mobile responsiveness, SSL, and SEO optimization. Contact us today to get started with our professional B2B WooCommerce web design services and elevate your online B2B presence.

Custom Web Design

Our custom web design service closely follows your corporate identity and requirements, with unlimited revisions to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Unlimited Web Pages

Our web design plan may limits the number of pages to 10 or 20, you will be able to create and publish an unlimited pages or articles for your site in future updates.

Business Email Accounts

All E-commerce package includes minimum 20GB business email accounts that can be customized to match your domain, giving your business a fully professional appearance.

Mobile Responsive

Our website is mobile responsive, ensuring that your website will look great regardless of the device it is viewed on. Test it on various mobile phones to see impressive results.

Search Engine Friendly

We optimize every E-commerce website friendly with search engines, ensuring they are easily discoverable and ranked higher on leading search engines, including Google.

Secure SSL Certificate

We use an SSL Certificate (https://) to ensure secure and private information. Companies collecting personal data should have SSL certificates on their website.

Malware / Firewall Protection

With our Web Application Firewall, your website is secured against malware and security breaches, giving you peace of mind and protection from online threats.

Feature Packed Websites

Our E-commerce package comes equipped with various features to enhance user experience, including enquiry forms, maps, image and video galleries, and social media integration.

Table of Contents

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FREE Website Design Consultation

Book a free, no-obligation call with us to discuss your Website Requirements on Zoom or Phone!

Extra Features for E-commerce Website Design

Extra features that can be added to your website

A website can incorporate multiple advanced features to boost its performance and engagement with users, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable online experience for visitors. In Singapore, website owners have the option to integrate various additional features into their websites, improving their functionality and overall attractiveness.
web design features password protected

Member Area

web design features crm

CRM Integration

web design features booking

Sales & Order Tracking

web design features calendar event

Agenda/Event Calendar

web design features cart

Product Enquiry Cart

web design features product catalog

Product Catalogue

Hire B2B E-commerce Designer in Singapore

Professional B2B E-commerce Design Solutions

Since 1999, JustSimple has been one of Singapore’s top B2B E-commerce online store design firms with a goal of creating exceptional and user-friendly WooCommerce solutions. We specialize in delivering dependable and high-value WooCommerce and open-source solutions on time and within budget. Our team combines technical and creative expertise with dedicated support to manage and enhance your online store. With over a thousand loyal clients, over 50% of our business comes from recommendations. Trust us for professional, reliable, and transparent E-commerce online store services.

Uniquely crafted design

We will provide you with a custom design and content that sets you apart from your competitors, rather than just a pre-made template.


Uptime Monitoring

We constantly monitors your site to ensure it is operating smoothly. If any downtime, we will immediately take action to resolve the issue.

Time Manager

User Friendly CMS

We update WordPress core and plugins on weekly basis to ensure everything will be up to date and  nothing vulnerable on the website.


No Setup Cost

We offer all of our services on a transparent, consistent and affordable monthly or yearly basis, with no hidden costs, setup fees, or contracts.

Hold money

Responsive Website

We design responsive websites, allowing web pages to display optimally across various devices, including desktops and smartphones.


Unlimited Revisions

You can request as many revisions as needed until you are completely satisfied with your website, we will not launch it until you are happy with it.


SEO Optimised

Our experts design SEO-friendly websites that improve search engine ranking, resulting in higher organic traffic traffic and conversions.

Setting SEO

Secured Site

Regularly scans sites for malware and phishing threats, keeping your website secure by protecting it from known vulnerabilities with our expertise.


Site Backup & Restore

We offer comprehensive site backup and restore services for all websites, ensuring zero downtime and peace of mind for your business operations.

Time configuration

B2B E-commerce Catalogue Web Design in Singapore

E-commerce Online Store Portfolio

JustSimple offers professional B2B E-commerce online store design to businesses in Singapore and worldwide. Our clientele includes small and medium-sized businesses, multinational corporations, and renowned brands in Singapore. We showcase a small selection of sample E-commerce online stores from our vast web design portfolio, highlighting a diverse range of E-commerce online store design and sizes to suit varying budgets and web technologies on WooCommerce platform. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive E-commerce online store design services and elevate your online presence.

Singapore B2B E-commerce Online Store Package & Pricing

B2B E-commerce Store Plans and Pricing

Take advantage of our affordable and feature-packed B2B E-commerce Online Store package in Singapore today and save both time and money! Our E-commerce package includes a mobile-responsive and search engine-friendly site built on the WooCommerce platform, along with domain and hosting services. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you can rest assured that you’re getting exceptional value for your investment.

All B2B E-commerce Online Store Packages include:

B2B E-commerce Functionality and Features:

Basic B2B Store Plan

Professional Theme +
1 Year Domain & Hosting
S$ 3399
Free 1-Year Domain, Hosting
and Support Renewal S$800
  • Ready Template
  • Unlimited Products
  • Up to 2 Time Revisions
  • 5 Man-hours Customisation
  • All E-commerce Modules
  • Basic B2B Modules
  • Paypal / Stripe Integration
  • Free Domain (.com)
  • Free 2GB RAM Hosting
  • Free 50GB Web Hosting
  • Free 20GB Email Storage
  • Email @YourDomain
  • Initial Insertion 20 Products
  • SEO Optimised Products
  • Basic SEO On-page
  • Professionally SEO Content
  • 5 x Man-hour Support / Year

Custom B2B Store Plan

Custom Layout
+ Free Basic SEO
S$ 4399
Free 1-Year Domain, Hosting
and Support Renewal S$1,200
  • Custom Layout
  • Unlimited Products
  • Up to 2 Time Revisions
  • 5 Man-hours Customisation
  • All E-commerce Modules
  • Standard B2B Modules
  • Paypal / Stripe Integration
  • Free Domain (.com)
  • Free 2GB RAM Hosting
  • Free 50GB Web Hosting
  • Free 20GB Email Storage
  • Email @YourDomain
  • Initial Insertion 20 Products
  • SEO Optimised Products
  • Basic SEO On-page
  • Professionally SEO Content
  • 5 x Man-hour Support / Year

Premium B2B Store Plan

Free 1 Year Woocommerce Care Plan
worth S$948
S$ 5399
Free 1-Year Domain, Hosting
and Support Renewal S$1,200
  • Custom Layout
  • Unlimited Products
  • Up to 5 Time Revisions
  • 10 Man-hours Customisation
  • All E-commerce Modules
  • Standard B2B Modules
  • Paypal / Stripe Integration
  • Free Domain (.com)
  • Free 2GB RAM Hosting
  • Free 50GB Web Hosting
  • Free 20GB Email Storage
  • Email @YourDomain
  • Initial Insertion 50 Products
  • Basic SEO On-page
  • SEO Optimised Products
  • Professionally SEO Content
  • Monthly 1 X Updates
  • Monthly 5 x Small Tasks
  • PROJECT TIMELINE: A timeline will be determined before the start of the project and will depend on the scope of work.
  • CLIENT DELIVERABLES: The client must provide all necessary content within two weeks of the project start date.
  • REVISIONS: The package includes up to three rounds of revisions for the proposed designs. Additional revisions may be charged at an hourly rate at $S200.
  • DESIGN APPROVAL: The client must approve the final design before development can begin.
  • PAYMENT: A 50% deposit is required before the start of the project, with the remaining balance due upon completion.
  • OWNERSHIP AND COPYRIGHT: The client will retain ownership of the website.
  • Third-party content/software is subject to their respective copyright and license agreements. Yearly renewal covers theme and editor plugin licenses.
  • MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT: All website package provide 1-year ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Yearly renewal are includes .com domain name, hosting, and 5 to 10 Man-hour support yearly.
  • Above web design package offer includes 1-year domain, hosting, and support. No discount for clients providing their own domain/hosting. Extra installation fee may apply for client server installation.
  • TERMINATION: Either party may terminate the project at any time by giving written notice.
  • Payments are not refundable. JustSimple will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid.
  • If you are a corporate client interested in subscribing to our services through a contract or PO, please contact us for a formal quotation.
  • Above web design package offer includes 1-year domain, hosting, and support.
  • No discount for clients providing their own domain/hosting.
  • Extra installation fee may apply for client server installation.

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Start your b2B E-commerce design today

Our commitment to delivering efficient resolutions and complete customer satisfaction means you can focus on your business goals while we handle the rest. When you hire us, we’ll assign a dedicated and experienced WordPress designer to create a customised online store that meets your requirements. Let us translate your vision into a tailored E-commerce solution.

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1. Request Free Consultation

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Providing necessary content and filling up the web design checklist, we will kick start project as per the agreed timeline.

FAQ About B2B E-commerce Website Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some common B2B E-commerce Website Design services questions below.

Any other questions?
Our sales and support team work 24/7 and are delighted to answer any queries you may have.

Since 1999, we have been building websites. For more information about our history, please visit our “About Us” page.

B2B e-commerce web design service involves creating online platforms that enable businesses to sell products or services to other businesses. This involves designing and developing a website that meets the specific needs of B2B customers, including features such as inventory management, order tracking, payment processing, and customer account management. The goal is to provide a seamless user experience for B2B customers and improve sales and revenue for the business.
To create an effective B2B e-commerce website, consider features like custom pricing, product catalogs, account management, payment processing, order management, shipping and fulfillment, customer support, integration with back-end systems, and customization options. Prioritize features that add value and enhance the customer experience, such as streamlining the ordering process, providing personalized pricing and support, and offering customization options. These can help increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

The time it takes to design an E-commerce website can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the features required. A basic E-commerce website can take a few weeks to design, while a more complex website can take several months.

Our web design process is straightforward; once you sign up, our web design project coordinator will lead you through the process of providing us with the sitemap, wireframe, content, and materials needed to begin the project. If you’re interested in engaging us for web design services, the next step is to contact us and schedule a chat or meeting.

Yes, you can customize the design of your E-commerce website to suit your branding and other preferences. Our professional web designer team will work with you to create a custom design that reflects your business and appeals to your target audience.

Before the project commences, we will provide you with a checklist to prepare the necessary information and content. Generally, we require:

  • Your company logo
  • Images related to your business, services, or products
  • Workplace images
  • Videos to be added to the website (if any)
  • Website content such as text, PDFs, etc.
  • Your company’s color scheme

If some of this information already exists on your current website, we can transfer it over to the new site.

The cost of E-commerce web design can vary depending on the complexity of the design, features required, and size of the website. Generally, a basic E-commerce website can cost anywhere from a three thousand to several thousand dollars, while more advanced websites with custom features and functionalities can cost even more.

You have complete editing control over all pages of your website! This includes the ability to update the menu and content pages, update product information and photos, shipping fee, add or remove text, images, PDF documents, and even videos.

The project starts with a 50% deposit and 50% balance when site is completed and live.
Every ecommerce system has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s essential to select an ecommerce platform that aligns with your present business goals, design and technical prerequisites, as well as financial plan. Additionally, it’s important to consider future expansion plans, such as API integration, an increase in SKUs, or traffic, when choosing an ecommerce system. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.
Certainly! It would be advisable to have a discussion with us, during which you can share information about your existing website and the specific criteria you have for the update.
Certainly! Our web design packages come with 5 to 10 pages of copywriting included. If you require additional pages, we have an in-house copywriter available to work with you in creating engaging content. Additionally, we assist in constructing your website’s sitemap and establishing its foundation during the planning stages.
Absolutely! All of the elements we create, including the domain name, web hosting, images, and website source code, will be 100% owned by you. Typically, our clients remain with us for the duration of their website’s lifespan. However, if you ever decide to transfer your site to another hosting service or switch to another company for maintenance, we will gladly aid you in transitioning as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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Our Singapore-based WordPress developers are highly reliable, with over 15 years of experience building custom B2B E-commerce websites that prioritize user experience and adhere to best practices. Beside standard web and graphic designs, we offer custom theme design, customized functionality, and ongoing support, with a dedicated account manager for clear communication and client satisfaction.

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